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We are Casamarket and we like to share this message with you


So many are the years that "Casamarket Immobiliare" operates in the territory of Siracusa. Created by the intuition of the Corsaro brothers who first realized that the city needed a shock in the real estate market, bringing those innovations that allowed it to remain on the ridge of the wave for all this time. Forty years of success due to great seriousness and professionalism coupled with the ability to innovate by joining the technology experience to give customers a top-notch service.
In this regard it is important to highlight the services offered by Casamarket:

 - Sales
 - Leases
 - Online registration (free of charge) of lease contracts Real estate evaluation (free)
 - Advertising and marketing sector
 - Technical assistance on real estate purchase up to the stipulation of the notarial deed   -   - Mortgage counseling.
 - Holiday Home Management

The flagship of Casamarket is the quality of services.

To the slogans that have accompanied the Casamarket over time, is added now, another that seems very in tune, with an ideal toast with all customers and not Casamarket:

"Our first 40 years"

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